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Joshua Manley

Joshua Manley

An experienced Programmer and Entrepreneur on the cutting edge of new media and technology. As his passions define his skills; computer programming, ethical hacking, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and now the digital economy.

Information Technology

Computer Programming, Ethical Hacking, Networking

Design and development of desktop and mobile software utilizing numerous languages including XHTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, PHP, Bash, SQL, Python, Java, C, C++ and Processing.

Specializing in penetration testing specifically information gathering, vulnerability analysis, wireless attacks, password attacks, sniffing and spoofing, reverse engineering, forensics, maintaining access, reporting and hardware hacking.

From residential networking and support to high-level engineering and consulting for various size organizations within the global marketplace.

Electrical Engineering

Digital Systems, Microelectronics, Systems & Control

With a passion for virtual and tangible digital art, having designed and developed complex electrical systems for a wide range of applications. Working with numerous tools and technologies including microcontrollers, embedded applications, integrated circuits, high and low voltage, signal processing, soldering, FPGAs, RF currents, microelectronics and micro soldering.

Self taught, learning daily, driven by a perpetual appetite for knowledge and an unclouded understanding of the arbitrary and destructive nature modern school systems bestow.

Mechanical Engineering

Computer-aided Design, Robotoics, Automotive

For any engineered system must begin with a design, a strong passion for architecture and computer programming supplement the design process. With computer-aided design, prototyping, blueprinting and 3D printing, the design process alone would more than encompass the entire career of a single wage slave.

Having designed and developed complex mechanical systems using state of the art tools and technologies for a wide range of applications. With an interest in robotics and automotive engineering, work and play have no distinction.

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